I'm a Level and Game Designer currently studying Game Design at Futuregames in Stockholm.

What I love most about games is how they enable you to feel so many different things, and in a much stronger way than any other medium. There are games that scare me so much, I can't play them if I'm on my own, games with dialogue that makes me laugh, and adventure games where I sometimes stop for ages to enjoy the view. This is the same reason I love making games. Coming up with an idea, figuring out what I want the player to feel, and how to make them feel those things through gameplay mechanics, level design and visuals. Creating an experience that feels like it make sense even if in the real world it wouldn't make sense at all.

Before studying, I worked as a set, prop and costume designer, and as a Level Designer I've found I have great use of my experience doing research, thinking about how to best design a space for its intended use and environmental storytelling. Working freelance has taught me how to easily adapt to different situations and teams, communicating well and solving problems creatively.

In my spare time I prefer to play puzzle, adventure and coop games, but I'll sometimes buy a game purely because it's got an interesting art style. I also love building/sewing/making, playing board games and reading articles about anything I don't know anything about. 

Iā€™m currently doing my internship at Avalanche Studios Stockholm and will finish my education in August 2019.

Please get in touch with any questions!

Call: 0707-809767