Platform: PC

Engine: Unreal Engine

Language: Visual Scripting

Development Time: 4 weeks

Team Size: 10



Eleven years ago, the Monolith landed on Earth, and it became clear that humanity is not alone in the universe. For eleven years, it has remained a mystery, yielding no clues to its origin or purpose. You play as a child gifted with immense strength, which aids you as you explore the small island village where the Monolith now towers over empty ruins. Who you are, and why you exist, is as much of a mystery as the alien artifact. All you know is that the Monolith calls to you. Perhaps, if you pay attention, the village may tell you something of what has transpired…



  • My roles on this project was level designer and game designer. I researched and put together a mood board for the level and was involved in all decisions regarding gameplay, objectives and main features.

  • I designed the tutorial and blocked out the area from the beginning of the game up to the monolith

  • I built the different house prefabs from modular assets and adapted and placed other assets in the level.

  • I also placed part of the cameras and implemented scripts for the interactable assets.











We wanted the world to have the feeling of a mediterranean, coastal town with narrow streets climbing up a hill. Since we used a mainly static camera system the level had to be designed with that in mind. Therefore we had to mix the alleys with open spaces and be creative when using 90 degree turns.

Since the level is quite large and open it was important to always show the player were they’re heading. We set up the main points of interest; the monolith, the church and the lab so that when the player was standing by one of them, they had a good view of the other two.

We used different kinds of graffiti to show the player that there were different factions in the town and set up barricades to emphasise that the different areas were trying to keep something out.

Screenshot (125).png



We wanted the player to immediately get feel for the place; the worn down harbour and the monolith towering in the background.


Next, the player enters an open space. There is a barricade blocking one of the streets and the cobble stones have been ripped up leaving an empty pit. There is graffiti on one of the walls.

Here the player use the climb button to get out of the pit.


Next you enter a small town square. There is a long stair climbing towards the monolith, but there is a barricade in the way.

Here we show the player that you can can climb on drain pipes.


At the top of the stairs, there are broken walls and more grafitti. We wanted to show that the level of destruction increased as you got closer to the monolith.

This is the first time the player has to push something.

As you stand on the see saw the church is right in your view point and we hightlighted it with god rays. As you step off the see-saw, it swings back up again, making it impossible to get back into the first area of the level.


As you step off the see-saw, it swings back up again, making it impossible to get back into the first area of the level.